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Welby Wants the Mitre on Female Heads!

Rt Rev Justin Welby
This is a follow up article to:
Placing the Mitre on Female Heads?

Selby Calls For Women Bishopd

Back in July I did an article on Women Bishops. (For those of you who read it back then, or would rather not bother, I’ll quickly summarise.)
  1. The previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowen Williams, urged the General Synod to resolve the issue over female bishops (an issue 36 years in the making).
  2. Parliament voted on this issue and allowed it (123 in favour and 53 against). If the vote hadn’t been passed it would have been shelved until 2015!
  3. When it comes to women in roles within the church, things get sticky. Anglicans (happy to have female priest) don’t wish for them to pursue leadership positions.
  4. While, in the past, the Anglo-Catholic's have gone as far as saying one may as well ;“ordain a pork-pie”.
  5. Dr Rowen put forward conditions to appease those “who continued to have theological reservations”.
  6. However, their are concerns from senior women clergy (some prospective candidates for the roles of women bishops) who take offence at not merely been asked to step-aside but demanded by church law (due to clause 5(1)c).
  7. Eventually, the vote was postponed until November.

The vote will take place at a special session of the Church’s General Synod in London next week.

The high-flying crusader for women bishops, Christina Rees, objects to clause 5(1)c. She has concerns that the discrimination of females and the further favouring of males over females bishops will moth only cause fundamental problems, it’ll down-play the roles of female bishops within the CofE.

The online campaign (organised by blogger “Church Mouse") Yes 2 Women Bishops) has attracted large support in recent days.

The Rt Rev Justin Welby (as chosen successor to Dr Rowan Williams)   last week that he is in favour of female bishops and is set to make a personal plea to traditionalists to “go forward" in a show of unity, in an attempt to end years of struggle for women within the Church of England for leadership

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