Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The After Effects of the Gemini Supermoon on Twin Flame Coninuum (31-5-17)

Well its a week after the Gemini supermoon. So how has it affected the Twin Flames and the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies?? Pretty strongly. There has been a lot of Divine Masculines running off and not wanting to cooperate, and it's really affected the Divine Feminines badly ...

This represents the aftereffects of the Gemini Supermoon. The Dog is the guardian of the underworld, it's the gatekeeper to the mysteries. But it also represents death and rebirth: the dualities. Where you have death, there is a form of rebirth. So we are being warned that the changes ahead are those that will create the death of aspects of the self (ego) and the rebirth of the correct energy to replace it. It represents partnerships and loyal loves/best friends ~ and your partner, your mirror soul should become more than your best, loyal friend, you should both become insuperable. That's because  you're been drawn together so magnetically.

Reading 31-5-17

However there is some good news in the energy aftermath ... Although the DM's have been running, at some point they will have to return. And here's the thing, the DMs are gonna have to start accepting that they have DF energies too. In fact, those energy are going to start imposing and affecting the DMs quite a bit.

(On a side note, you males with DM energy, whether straight or gay, will have to accept that you have this feminine energy too, it'a all a matter of perspective. We all have both energies, so chill and accept it. Okay.)

Back to the reading. Now because the DMs have found it hard to accept the changes, and that more feminine energy is building within them, they will need to reevaluate their own mechanisms for coping. They are going to have to throw away the whole rule book of what a DM is, and accept that there is gonna be more feeling, more emotions, more messing with their heads on who they really are. (This is what the DF has been doing for the last 20 years or more, and its not an easy process.)

So they will have to balance these male and female energies as best as they can until they balance themselves correctly before divine union.

Now DFs. We know that these MDs have been all over the place and you've had to cope with a lot of running, but it will get easier as time passes. We are dealing with a lot of feeling, and you should remember how difficult it was for you. So have some patience please,

To reassure you, let me say that you are not dealing with just another love of your life, this is the real deal. This is "The Love of Your Life". It's divine love, undying love. Or as it says on the card, 

"The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation"
So, as you can see. Whether DMs runs or not, whether they fights it, whether they likes it or not, lol, they are in it for the long haul. 

Both Diving Masculine and Divine Feminine accepted a contract to come to earth, to take on human form, to learn and to understand what it is to be masculine and feminine ~ and to transmute that energy into knowledge to help the whole continuum. So in effect one couple balances, and it feeds all the other with divine information of how they too can reach the status of a single divine soul. Able to transcend the physical bonds and ascend. That is the goal for all TFs ~ to ascend as a single, combined soul and retake there place in the cosmic order.

To help you get through this Gemini aftermath energy, the DFs are being told to expect a bumpy ride. it wont be easy. It won't happen over night. The seasons of the year may come into play, but eventually it will happen. But it won't be next week lol. There is both good and bad "luck" represented here. So expect it to be heaven one moment and ell the next. Love and loss. It may even seem like a war, but it isn't ~ love may be full of battles, but the real war is to win against the human ego.

There you have it for now. We'll have to see what next week brings. 💗


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Twin Flames : - What are they?

What are twin flames I've been asked several times

It is believed that certain souls are halves of a divine soul. Twin flames are the two (twin) halves that come together as Divine Masculine (DM) and Divine Feminine (DM) to become the perfect balanced soul. A soul that ascends and doesn't have to reincarnate in the physical any more. It has connections to the higher self as that is your soul-self but it is much more. It's divine union that creates perfection in the none physical realm.

Love Hearts 
If you've ever looked at the familiar love heart "" you know it has no resemblance with the actual human heart. That is until you join two human hearts, then, oh then it becomes a very familiar symbol in deed.

The love heart we are so familiar with actually represents the soul heart or the twin flame continuum if two hearts in one soul. It's the joining of human with human to create a perfect soul. That is what love really is; two hearts as one divine soul 

Not an easy route
However they have to traverse there own individual issues, overcome ego, stop running from their true purpose, and find and unite with their twin. Only when they have balanced both their male and female energies and found understand in ascension, will they come together in divine union for the rest of eternity. It is at this point that they become one pure soul that can ascend. 

It isn't an easy journey by no means ... But then nothing worth having comes easily. 


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