Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Twin Flames : - What are they?

What are twin flames I've been asked several times

It is believed that certain souls are halves of a divine soul. Twin flames are the two (twin) halves that come together as Divine Masculine (DM) and Divine Feminine (DM) to become the perfect balanced soul. A soul that ascends and doesn't have to reincarnate in the physical any more. It has connections to the higher self as that is your soul-self but it is much more. It's divine union that creates perfection in the none physical realm.

Love Hearts 
If you've ever looked at the familiar love heart "" you know it has no resemblance with the actual human heart. That is until you join two human hearts, then, oh then it becomes a very familiar symbol in deed.

The love heart we are so familiar with actually represents the soul heart or the twin flame continuum if two hearts in one soul. It's the joining of human with human to create a perfect soul. That is what love really is; two hearts as one divine soul 

Not an easy route
However they have to traverse there own individual issues, overcome ego, stop running from their true purpose, and find and unite with their twin. Only when they have balanced both their male and female energies and found understand in ascension, will they come together in divine union for the rest of eternity. It is at this point that they become one pure soul that can ascend. 

It isn't an easy journey by no means ... But then nothing worth having comes easily. 


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