Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Happy Mabon Blessing to All

With the fields empty of crops (having been harvested), it's time for Mabon - the mid-harvest festival of Pagans and Wiccans everywhere. Whether you're a town / city Pagan / Wiccan or a country one, this is a time to honor the second harvest and celebrate the changing of the seasons.
Happy Mabon!
Happy Mabon! (Photo credit: Fel ix_Nine).

autumn equinox, is usually on nineth month between 20th and 22nd - and this year falls on September 22nd (in Northan Hemisphere, or March 22nd in Southern Hemisphere).
Mabon is a time for balance - between light and dark - and giving thanks. The blessing that fall apon us at this time are once well earned. You have worked hard all year for your reward, and this is the time to accept your lot and thank your blessings.
Mabon is abound with the earth magick of the changing seasons. So decorate your home in yellows, browns, oranges and reds to attract this magick into your home.
A simple craft to make for a Mabon altar is a God's Eye or Ojo de Dios. (You can make it in the coulors that relate you family's traditions, or that of a diety. Yellow is always a polular colour this time of year.)
God's Eye
God's Eye
(Photo credit: badlyricpolice)

How to make a God's Eye.
I like to use branches (found on the ground) to connect into the Fall.
  • You'll need two sticks / branches.
  • Thread / Wool / Ribbon (in 'autumn' colours)
  • decorative items (shells, feathers, crystals, etc.)
(Image credit: Patti Wigington 2007)

  1. Hold the sticks together to form a cross. (You can put a little glue at the joining point to make it easier.)
  2. **Using wool (or thread / ribbon) start above the 'x', wrap around stick; take across middle, wrap around bottom; take across the middle to the left side, wrap around left side; take across middle to the right, wrap around right side. (Working counterclockwise in an 'x'.) To form the pattern in the image.**
  3. Repeat ** until you have woven the amount of colour you desire. 
  4. You cane change the colour and continue working until you are satisfied.
  5. finish off with a loop, so the God's Eye can be hung up.

  • Optional: Decorate with feathers, ribbons, beads, crystals or any other item that you like.
Now your God's eye is ready to use.
TIP: You cane make a God's Eye for any festival of the year (not just Mabon). Simply change the colour scheme to match the festival / time of year / magical intention.  
It is often through crafts that our inner magical side surfaces; so don't be afraid to visualize your desire while making this item - to empower it with your magical intent.
Happy Mabon
Blessed Be.
The VudooMan.
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