Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Aftermath of Sagittarius moon of TFs ~ video reading results

Well it's nearly a week after the Sagittarius full moon. So how has it affected the Twin Flames and the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies?? ...

This represents the aftermath of the Sagittarius full moon.  The RAVEN is the protector, the one who represents initiation into the mysteries, but also death and rebirth.  So we are being warned that the changes ahead will affect a death of aspects of the self (mainly ego) and the rebirth of the correct feminine or masculine energies to replace it.  We are being advised that things may seem like they are ending in some ways, but not to panic as they are really only beginning a new cycle.  Change is the ever present stock of the Universe ~ get used to it. lol.

So how is this going to affect the Twin flames?  I'll first look at the cards for the Divine Masculines (The Star and the Chariot) then I'll move on to the Divine Feminines (Green Tara and the Great Bear)...

Reading 14-6-17

The STAR offers you DMs a little light at the end of the tunnel.  Unfortunately, it's you yourself!  You're your own light... which basically means you might feel you're in total darkness, but you have your own light, your own strength to get you through.   We know this can be a very difficult task, but you can manage it.

Usually, the STAR indicates that all your wishes are coming true ~ however, what you want and what the universe wants to give you are two totally different things. The gift you're been offered is that of balance ~ an understanding of your growing divine famine energies ~ which isn't as disturbing as you think it is.  Accept the gift and start moving into your DF balance.  If you resist right now you will find it even harder, because the Universe will persist until you do accept; so just accept your fate guys!

On to the underlying influence on you DMs. Well, the CHARIOT offers movement ~ however, you DMs are in a very reluctant mood, so it's going to feel like you're in a traffic jam, or almost broken down by the side of the road.  Cus that movement just ain't being picked up ~ you need to start accepting your fate guys, it get's harder if you keep resisting.

So lets move on to the Divine Feminines and what's going down with them: 

Now DFs, GREEN TARA (pronounced TAIR~uh) offers you rapid understanding of you relationship.  Her name (Tara) mean's Star in Sanskrit.  So you too are reminded you must light your own way and keep that inner light shining.  It may seem difficult with your TFs being so difficult right now, but things should change soon ...  Hopefully. 

This Goddess offers you all advice. It's the advice of seeking advice... 

"Ask other (including me) to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself."
The more we seek help from those who understand our situation (both Goddesses and your fellow DFs) the more you don't feel alone in your plight ~ you'd be amazed at just how many others are also as confused as you are.  Together we can help each other. 

Ask of this Goddess and she will assist you both rapidly and with an understanding of both the situation at hand and the relationship as a whole.  Her assistance is assured DFs, it's in the cards ~ she wants you to delegate your worries by asking for help from all quarters.

The underlying effects is shown in the GREAT BEAR card.  This is decision time; but you are being told to make decisions about what advice you need, who you ask for that advice.  But also you will have to make a few judgements about yourself ~ like what advice and so on ~ and judging yourself is the hardest thing anyone can be asked to do.  Yet you must look at yourself and make some very difficult judgements about what you really want, how you will work though these blockages, and about your own ego ~ is it getting in your own way?

There you have it for now.  I've been asked a couple of times this last week if I'm a TF councillor ~ the answer is not at all.  I'm simply a guy trying to make sense of all this, just like you are.  I just consult with the universe using my tarots to gain a few answers, and then share them.  So it's totally up to you if you take my advice or leave it.  Hopefully, it's useful to a few of you.  If so i'd love to hear your comments.

We'll have to see what next week brings. 💗


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