Monday, 12 June 2017

Loves Dream - love poem

"Love's Dream"

I sent a dream to you last night 
From the end of the world!
You should be so happy... 
You should be so glad ....
So why are you so lonely??

You're always out there
Running ...
And I see that lost look
In your eyes
~ Confusion!

When you get so sick of trying...
Hold on tight to your dreams
You shine a little love
On my life
And let me see

Though you ride on the
Wheels of tomorrow,
You still wander the
Fields of your sorrow!
And I wonder ...

Yes I wonder ...
Is the way
Life's meant to be??!
But what I see is so much
More than I can say ...

I see you in midnight blue
And as you stand there
Under the stary sky's
You feel sad inside....
But I see love in her eyes!

So ...I count the words
I'm never gonna say...
Time had stopped...
In a lonely world
~ such a lonely world!

No pictures on an empty wall...
Nobody there, no one at all!
Just echoes in ivory halls.
Time stood still
Just when I was thinking of her,

She came along
And made me want her ...
Stepped out of dream
Believing​ everything was gone...
Return with what you know~

It's a long time to be gone.
Time just goes on and on...
One day you're a hero,
Next day you're a clown.
There's nothing that's in between...

You left your mind out
Somewhere down the road
And I gave you time
To steal my mind
Away from me ...



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