Friday, 9 June 2017


Using the Druid Animal Oracle cards

We have:

* an EARTH DRAGON in the position of impulse. * a SOW (reversed) in the influence position.* a DOG (reversed) in the affect spot.

Have very feminine energy. So expect your emotions to be heightened. Remember SAGITTARIUS represents morals and truth, so be aware of how it affects you perceive the world, and those around you.

Represents power, potential, and riches. Positioned in Impulses, we see that she is a bestower of the secrets, a helper in the direction to go next. She's the Guardian of the treasure house ~ your treasure house ~ this is the secrets in your own heart.

You have to think of her as an aspect of yourself; you are the Guardian to your own treasure House of understanding your own potentials. It's time to unlock thise potential and see the beautiful souls around you.

The SOW 
Represents generosity, nourishment, and discovery. But in the reverse discovery becomes ignorance; it's this that will be influencing you in the near future. So don't take anything on face value.

Watch those perceptions: It would be wisest to reassess everything ~ especially your own opinions ~ right now. Things may not be as they first appear.

Represents guidance, protection, and loyalty. In the reverse the dog affects the shadow effect of guidance and loyalty; make sure disloyalty isn't misguiding you from your path. This is the time for selflessness understanding and being steadfast.

It could also, that those around you are not showing you the loyalty that you believe they should. Don't be misguided by your thoughts; be guided by your heart, and your instincts, for then you are less likely to make mistakes.

It sure looks like this will be a time that you won't be able to tell what is real and what is of your own making. So watch out for snap judgements, because, more likely will be wrong. With truth and morals being at a heightened point of your perception, it will be difficult to define what is truth and what is moral obligation. How we see the world may be turned on its head. So try to stay centered and think thing out before making decisions.


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