Tuesday, 3 July 2012

3 Ways How to be More Confident Right Now

Confidence! Free to a Good Home. Nurture it Here! 

Are you confident?
Do you wish you were more confident in all arrears of your life: work, friends, family, relationships, and socialising?
Keep reading. This article will help you (or someone you know) be more confident by the end of this blog.

Do you look at others as ask why they get the good job, have a nice life, are admired by other, and have great social standing?

If so, I have a question for you, why isn’t that you?

Suppose I could give you a magic pill that would increase your confidence, make you more attractive to others, or simply happier being who you are? Would you take it?

If the answer’s “No way!” I’d say, “Good!”  Because you obviously don’t need it.

However, if you’d have said, “Of course!” I’d give you the following advice…

That’s what this article is all about. There’s much more to confidence than just expecting it to magically appear.

In fact, here are 7 powerful ways to build your confidence right now (I look forward to hearing what you would think in the comments section at the end).

#1 Getting Self-confidence and Keeping it!

For some, self-confidence is something you’re born with.  For the rest of us its about battling self-doubt and winning through. An easier said than done task for those with low self-worth and insecurities.

But who doesn’t have insecurities and issues?  Surely not the people with oodles of confidence?

Believe it or not, but even the mega-confident have issues and insecurities. No one is perfect! Even famous people have imperfections – the secret is not to let them run your social-life!

Make a list.

Sit down and list only the good thing about yourself (the things you like, kind of).

  • best feature
  • best quality
  • best piece of advice you’ve given

That sort of thing.

Then list your achievements. The average person can fill a page if they really think about it.

Tape both lists up by your bed.

You need to see them morning and night – to remind you how excellent you really are.

Eventually you’ll start to believe in yourself. (Don’t take down the lists – keep adding things to them – keep affirming your positive points, and leave your negatives alone!)

#2 Learn to Succeed

Nothing builds confidence like success!  Achieving a given task brings a euphoria like no other – knowing you did it, is an amazing feeling.

But first it all starts with a plan.  

You have to decide what you want to achieve. That means you’re gonna have to make a list of what you want!

It can be as simple as make a new friend, or as difficult as learn to mountain climb. The point is by writing it down you will be committing yourself to obtaining your goals.

You can start with something relatively easy and work your way up to the hard and important ones, but you need to decide now. So go and make that list, then come back.

Ok, so you have a goal.

Say, you’ve decided to be more positive at work.

Next time you have to say something about someone, find a good point. Keep that up and you’ll achieve the goal.

Once you set and accomplish a given goal

You’ll feel unstoppable. It will give you more confidence to tackle other goals.

Tip: (Remember, though, sometimes a slip can occur, if this happens don’t give up – keep trying and you can achieve any goal!)

3# Have Fun!

Being confident shouldn’t be a chore or a bore. 

It’s about enjoying life!  When we’re happy we exude positively – which makes others around us feel good.

When we are low – we have a black cloud of negatively hanging over us – which brings others down, and makes us unpopular.

When you have fun, laugh, sing, or play – you forget your insecurities and are truly yourself.


Alcohol is a uninhibiter, but it is also a depressant – so we may think we’re the life and soul of the party, but there may be a price to pay. A sober mouth doesn’t get its owner into as much trouble!


Sing, and the world sings with you (cry, and you cry alone)!

Who doesn’t feel good belting out a deft tune?  So go Karaoke if you don’t usually.  Let the inner extrovert out for the night.  Once you are up there, singing – good or bad – the crowd will cheer you on and sing along.  Don’t try to be perfect, the crowd wants enthusiasm.

It’ll feel strangely natural and you’ll have fun – while boosting your personal confidence. Others will also look at you differently (especially if they don’t feel secure enough to sing in public).  They may not have thought you a social animal; but now they will!

Now you have a few tips to build your confidence.  

Whatever you do, enjoy?

Life is too short to suffer for long.  Be yourself.  Be the best you can be. Have fun and be happy.

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