Monday, 30 July 2012

Magic Time (Part 3)

Magic Time

In this third article on Magick, we’ll take a more in-depth look how to harness an individual's needs.

So consider where to go from here. It's no good sitting back on your laurels and expecting the universe to do all the hard work for you. It doesn’t work that way. You have to participate.

Making the right moves
But what is the next step? That's simple: Small ones.

When you walk, you take lots of steps to reach your destination. That's how this works too. Lots of little steps and you'll not even notice how quickly you'll attain your goals.

So where do you go from here?
Forward, of course.

        Write down what you want
        (make it simple; pick one: love, money, career)

To make a difference you MUST have a Design for Life
But what is that? A DFL (Design For Life) is your road map. Without this road map you have no defined destination (future).

This isn’t difficult, it’s the basis of any good business plan and it should be the basis of any satisfying life too.

In a business course, this is where you would consider the pros-and-cons of going into business. Now it's your turn to list the fore-and-againsts of getting what you want.

So write out:

        « The Pros »

        « The Cons »

If your pros are less than your cons then your willing to have what you want; so you should have no problems getting whatever it is.

However, if you have few pros, but a good number of cons, this is the perfect course for you. (All the negatives point to you not believing you deserve to have it! This is a major difficulty.) You have to believe you deserve to have this thing.

Now make it real...
To do this you need to do two very difficult things. The first is the hardest: You need to accept that you can have whatever it is you truly desire. This doesn't take rocket science, it's just involves a little bit of mind magic. The second is a little autosuggestion using music, visualisation, and touch.

Reflect on what you want
Gather together

  • A track of music that you like or love (it has to be something you can stand listen to often)
  • A pillow or cushion (to rest your head on and relax)
  • And something to hold (a heart-shaped object - even a piece of card - for love; or a banknote - for money; or a wallet/purse for career)

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable. Put the pillow/cushion under your head, pick up the item to hold, and put on the music.

Only spend the length of the track reflecting on what you want. See it in your mind...

  • If it’s a job prospect, see yourself actually doing the job - enjoy the feeling, the experience
  • If it's money (or a possession), see yourself spending (or using) it - enjoy how it feels
  • If it's someone you desire (or love in general ), see yourself with the person - enveloped in their loving presence
Make it so clear, so vivid, that you could just reach out and touch it…

Guide your aim
Once you've done the last exercise, take another moment to concentrate on what you want. Believe you already have it. You soon will! (Don't question your belief in getting it -this will kill the magic- and you need the magic of attraction to do its work unhindered by negativity.) The more you believe, the more you will draw what you want towards you.

Failure is not an option...
…even though failure is an option, don't embrace it, but don't fear it either! By even giving it credence, you open the door to failure … and you don't want that.

So, in short you have to put a lot of effort into a spell; or you’ll get very little back.

In Part 4 (06/08/12) You build on what you already have.

Blessed be...


If you want to share your magical experiences, I'd be happy to hear from you. (Some of the best might make it into following blogs :-) .

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