Wednesday, 18 July 2012


In the news at the moment are the so-called 'polypill' (an all-in-one pill four-medicine pill), which comprises layers; one for cholesterol and the other three for high blood pressure .


It has been reported that in a health group of individuals aged 50+ there is a 'cut' in cholesterol and blood pressure - down to that of a 'normal' 20 year old.
The Polypill


The initial research using randomised polypills or placebos are good: This could cut deaths for up to 28%. But it will be probably two years before they can be on the market, due to regulation.


The trial's lead investigator, Dr David Wald, stated that the polypill creates "a two-third reduction in hear attacks and strokes."


The professor of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Policy at University College in London, Professor David Taylor said: "The Polypill should be made generally available as a matter of urgency." Explaining, "This study shows that it works."

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