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Colour Magick

Today we are going to talk about colour correspondent.

Some people may have had something similar done for them. (Ranking them as a Summer-, Autumn-, Winter- or Spring-person.) That isn’t what this is about!


Each day of the week has its own corresponding colour, planet, and even hour. Colours are of major importance in both healing and magick: Frequently used in candle magick, crystal magick, flower magick (or hedgerow witchery), food magick (or kitchen witchery), and water magick.

Colours affect how we view thing, our feelings, and our energy flows (the chakras).

For all these things, the basic concept is the same. Each colour corresponds to certain focuses and qualities. And these can be tapped by tuning into the specific colour.

If you think about what white is associated with it helps you realise its best uses. Western weddings centre around this colour. We wrap babies in it. We snuggle in the light, and shy away from the dark. It is a colour for winter. White symbolises purity, innocence, the Goddess, and light. It is associated with the moon and Mondays.

We use red for danger, anger and to represent life force (blood). It symbolises heat and is one of the colours of summer. Sexuality, passion and love all connect into red. It represents the Gods and power in general. Mars (planet and god) and Tuesdays both correlate with red.

The fruit, Oranges, and the sun are under this colour’s correspondences. So are physical and mental fertility (or creativity), the arts, joy, confidence, abundance and individuality. It’s day is Sunday (of course).

Memory, concentration, logic, and learning are all increased by yellow. It rules commerce, medicine, skill, dexterity and messages (especially from the gods). Technology and communication are handled by this colour, and so is business and careers. Wednesday and Mercury are the focus for yellows.

The earth, forests, trees, gardens, plants, herbs, and nature in general are all connected to green. It brings about harmony and peace, increases wealth, helps relationships and romance. Green is the colour of spring, money and the land, the heart and luck. Faeries and magick are also influenced by this colour. Its planet is Venus and its day is Friday.

(Hold aspects of both blue and green.) Music, dance, wisdom, experience, thoughts, feelings, compassion, and altruism all connect with turquoise. It is used to synthesise two different aspects (like home and work etc.) of life and keep them smoothly on a pace with each other. Turquoise has most effect on Thursdays or Fridays.

Protection, rules, judgement, and the sky (gods) are attached to the colour blue. It expands boundaries and possibilities, increases success and confidence, nobility, and optimism. Blue is used for prosperity, promotion, and to exploit prospects in business. When dealing with the law or officials then blue should be your colour of choice. It’s a problem-solver and encourages calm in crisis, and opens the mind’s eye. It’s the colour of winter and its day is Thursday.

(This includes lavender, indigo and violet.) Hidden knowledge, psychic ability, and spirituality are all ruled by purple. It’s the colour of the higher-self. It connects into astral travel and the aura (or astral field), and preventing nightmares. Its planet is Jupiter and its day is Friday.

Pink is the colour of emotions, and the heart’s sentiments. Relationships, friendship, affection, children and growth are all its aspects. It helps to mend emotions (through gentle sleep) and release childhood hurts/family wounds. Its planet is Venus (in her gentle mode) and the corresponding day is Friday.

Brown effects time and helps reclaims lost items. In magick, it’s used for household pets, or animals, for learning new skills and security. It connects to Mother Earth and earth spirits. It’s the colour of autumn. Its day is Saturday.

How to use colours 
By implementing the use for colours in your life you can employ that colour’s correspondences.

By using crystals of an appropriate colour to affect the auric field (which expands 3ft or a meter in all directions from your solar plexus) it is possible to implement changes – just by carrying crystals. (A rose quartz to heal the heart, for example.)

By wearing a colour, you implement the associations of that tint. (E.g. wearing white on a Monday connects you too the moon and the Goddess aspects.

By burning candles of a suitable colour (to correspond with needs), you can draw towards you whatever it is that can help in a matter. (A green candle for finances.)

In this way it is possible to take the matching properties of a colour AND MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!

That’s the essence of colour magick. So when you reach for a sweater -or a pair of socks- consider what you need for that day and pick a colour appropriate item.


  1. Its really interesting with colours. I am an art therapist and artist and feel that we colours is something we can use for healing.

  2. Hi Anna, colours do have healing properties. When light is split into its spectrum, each colour vibrated at a different rate. It is this vibration that the aura picks up and converts into healing energy. Of course, white light vibrates with the speed of all colours, so it holds within itself the powers of all the colours.

    Colour healing works very well on depression; lifting the mood in the same way that music can lift a person's mood.

    Thanks for the positive comment.
    Blessed be.


The Love GuRu thanks you for your comment.

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