Thursday, 2 August 2012

More Lughnasadh Blessings

A blessed be to all on this 2nd Lughnasadh morning. May you reap the benefits this harvest time.

This is simply an update; a 'more thing to be thankful for' sort of thing. For my actual Lughnasadh Blessings for 2012 go here.

Yesterday I thanked the gods and goddesses for a lot of things that are good in my life but I did missed a few: Like, I'm grateful to be alive. (Found out this morning off s friend that someone I see most morning -and have talked to most jovially- has just undergone a quadruple bypass. She said he looked shocking, that he was being held-up by his wife. This was a tall, proud and fit man the last time I saw him a few week earlier. This is what reminded me how glad I am to be alive this morning.)

I'm constantly grateful for good health and a loving family. But the one person I neglected to mention yesterday was the little dynamo that is my mum. Even though she's 79 and shrinking more each year (the top of her head only reaches to my chin now), she is a powerhouse of every and virtually unstoppable. She taught me to always except others for who they are; a lesson it took me a long time to comprehend fully.

But mostly I'm grateful to the woman who entered my world six years ago and shared her life and family with me -my wonderful Nicci. Without her my life would be less full of fun and laughter. She was my rock when my dad died. She was the one who put me back together when we learnt that I'd got a tumour on my left kidney (almost 5 inches in length). She gave me the strength to win through. Everyday I bless the gods for her. I am truly thankful for the love of my life!

Now this is my Lughnasadh blessings to you; Love those who love you and accept those who don't see what a magnificent individual you are -its their loss not yours!

A Blessed Be to all


Here's a link to a blog called The wild Hunt that has some very interestion posts for Pagans. Check out A Blessed Lughnasadh, it's cool.

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