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Magic Time (Part 4)

Magic Time

.: "Power of me" (Holding and controling fire by magick) :.

In this fourth article on Magick, we’ll build on what we already have - how to harness your personal needs.

Consider what your opportunities are. As I told you before, the universe will not do all the hard work for you. You have taken a move closer to what you want to gain, but that isn't enough for it to come to you. It takes a few little tweaks to make that happen.

Taking stock
This is where you make a decision about what items you will be after. (My advice would be stick to what you know whilst exploring new avenues.) It’s exactly this way when it comes to attracting what you want magically.

You build on what you already have. Whether that is a job which you hate or dislike (for careers), or a few ponds in your pocket (for money), or someone you fancy (for love). This might mean sprucing up your appearance (for career/love) and being more careful with your spending (for money).

TIP: It is one of life's fallacies that you need to speculate to accumulate - ask any gambler if they are rich - spending doesn't bring anything but debt in the long run. I'll explain this in more detail in the later in this series. For now, understand that attraction works by getting more of something, not using it up.

When opportunity knocks LET IT IN!
Your abilities bring more rewards than you are currently receiving. So make the most of them. (It’s about utilising every skill you possess to keep the bills paid and make a decent living.)

When you open the door to the universe, it brings with it all the rewards you could ever wish for, all it asks in return is a little assistance. You have to keep your eye on the ball. When an opportunity arises (especially if it’s relevant to what you want) then accept this universal gift with the good grace by which it was provided.

EXAMPLE: Say that you want love, and the universe brings someone new into your life, but they're not someone your normally fancy (they may even be the wrong sex), don't ignore this gift. It might be this person will introduce you to that special person. Or you might discover a different link to that desired individual. (The universe might just be making you more receptive of friendship - which might have been part of the problem, that your not open to people.)

Business unfinished
Life is full of things that have no conclusion. We go down a road and run into a dead end. So we backtrack, assuming there is no way through.

As I have explained, the universe tests us constantly. We either learn from these experiences or use them for what they are, tests. Rise to the test, rise to the occasion, be the best you can be. You'll be amazed how often, what you want is within hands grasp if only we could see around that corner - and notice it there, waiting for you.

Test your passion
Where there is no passion, there is no desire!

Whatever it is you desire, you must hold that want in place with a passion so strong that not attaining it is impossible.

Be positive!
Every thought you have has an influence on you and your surroundings.

If you don't believe me, consider this:

  • Your day starts badly. You wake late for work. You find someone used up the last of the milk or bread and you can't get any breakfast; not that you have the time anyway. So you leave for work and discover that your car won't start, or the bus is missing. (You miss your train and there isn't a cab in sight.) Eventually, you turn up for work an hour latter than you normal would.
How would you feel? Good or bad? Do you think the day would continue being a good one, or one that makes you feel worst?

The chances are that like most people if your day starts badly you'll find it near on impossible to break that cycle of "bad luck".

.: "Candles 2" by Happy Krissy, @ Flickr :.

Banish the black clouds
What you might not realise is that that initial event (whatever it was) put you in such a "bad mood" that you attracted more "bad luck" until it surrounds you like a black cloud. It muddies the electrofield around you (known as the aura).

This invisible shield stretches approximately a meter (three feet) from your body in all directions. That is why you "feel" or sense it when someone comes up behind you; even if you didn't hear them you "know" that they are there. This close-warning system comes into contact with individuals constantly (and before your body actually does).

We meet people and get an instance of "like" or "dislike", and this affects our judgement of that person. It is the point at which your aura and theirs overlaps, and how they are feeling is imposed upon your unconscious mind (and how you are feeling is also imposed on their unconscious mind too). You both make an instantaneous decision about the other individual that will colour your views of each other from then on.

What we actually say to people has less effect than how we appear to them.

See the panorama
It is your business to make sure that these moments of negativity are kept to their minimum. Kill them as soon as you notice them!

TIP: If you're a visual person, then carry around a picture of a happy moment and view it when you need to be more positive.

TIP: If you're an auditory person, then play those blues away with a little music therapy.

TIP: If you’re a kinaesthetic person, have something to hold and stroke (like a pet, cuddly, or even a piece of cloth) that will make you feel better, and increase your positivity.

What's right for you
Whatever it is that makes you happy and however you get to that place, get there and stay there. The positivity that surrounds you when you’re in a good mood is priceless. It will attract good luck better than anything else can.

TIP: Magic works with positive and negative energy. Both increases its own charge and repels its opposite. So if you want negative thought to keep at bay, keep thinking good thoughts (ones which don't have a negative slant - like "I cant stand her" or "why does this always happen to me?"). Make that positive magic work for you.

What's the big idea
There is a universal law which states that whatever you put out there (good or bad) comes back to you three fold. (The Wiccan Three-fold Rule.)

The best way to understand this is through a pond. Imagine that your thought (or deed) is a stone which you toss into the pool of influence. The stone makes ripples, which radiate out from it, constantly moving away until the reach the edge of the pond (the object of thought or deed). It then rebounds back, towards the source (the place where the stone entered. That's you.

But unlike a pond the ripples than you create speed up and come back with more force. Three times the intensity of how strong you sent it out. (What goes around comes around and delivers swift kick in the butt!)

Social consequences
The most favourable position is keeping it as positive as possible - while keeping the passion for your desire constant and focused. If you can do that, you'll draw what you want easier.

Seek opportunities
Find those opportunities and build on them.

In the end, the choices are your. But if you dismiss what the universe offers, and keep on rejecting them, the universe will stop presenting them to you.

By accepting life's gifts, you are opening yourself up to opportunities and possibilities.

So what are you waiting for?

Go get them!

In Part 5 (13/08/12) it's you're opportunities to work the power of a positive mental attitude, to bring to you whatever it is you want.

Blessed be...


If you want to share your magical experiences, I'd be happy to hear from you. (Some of the best will make it into following blogs :-) .


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