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Magic Time (Part 5)

Magic Time

On Hallowe’en. Digital ID: 1587792. New York Public Library

.: On Hallowe’en. Digital ID: 1587792 :.

In this fifth (and last) article on Magick, we'll look at potential and viability.

We've talked over opportunities and the power of a positive mental attitude to bring to you whatever it is you wanted. Now we need to talk about the business of potential and how to market that potential.

The Business of Magick
Too many people think that one the magick is released that that is all it takes. It isn’t! Now is when the real work begins. Because keeping that positive focus is very difficult after the business of magick has happened.

You might have released it on its way, but it’s still connected too you by the thinnest of anchors. And that’s where the trouble lies. If you could release it and there’s no connection to you, then any negative thought you may be harbouring about it not working, or not working fully, wouldn’t affect it. Unfortunately, it does. The least influence produced ripples that hit it with increased force. So that good start can be extinguished by a tiny niggle of doubt.

TIP: I try to keep a picture in my mid of the end result. Visualise it as fully as you can and maintain that image for as many days or week as it takes to gain your result.

Go with your gut instinct
There are times, however, when you ‘know’ that you have made a mistake in the enchantment, or the result isn’t going to be one you had hoped for. It’s a gut instinct thing. And if that’s the case then you need to let go of the anchor and hope that the universe has mercy on you.

EXAMPLE: The day after you have worked a ‘spell’ for money, you suddenly realise that you didn’t specify that you didn’t want anyone harmed to get some cash. The universe tries to accommodate your desire in the most direct way possible. (Which could mean that money will come to you via an inheritance or will. If the person is already deceased that isn’t a problem, but if they aren’t dead yet, then the result of your magick might be to help them on their way!) In a case like this, it is important to dissipate the magick as thoroughly as possible. (Because if you get your money, the universe will be wanting it’s pound of flesh in return.) To do this, you concentrate on the magick ‘not’ working to ‘kill’ its effects, and save your own ass.

Improve the targeting,
define your parameters

If you define what you don’t want a spell to do before you perform the magick, then it will save you days of wasted effort and energy.

That’s something I haven’t mentioned yet, doing magick is hard work. Doing it well is a lot of effort - but the results can be worth while. When you realise that the slightest ‘negative thought’ can sabotage your efforts it can seem like a mammoth task to achieve anything! And that’s why so many people try to say that magick doesn’t work.

It is important that you realise how much effort you will have to use to get you result. That’s why ‘frivolous’ fancies don’t work. You have to desire with your whole being to make the magick happen.

Assess viability
”Where there is no passion, there is no desire!” I told you last week. That is true. But if something is unattainable, then however much desire there is, that item will remain unachievable. (Take love, for instance. To affect love with magick is as ineffectual as to hit a will with a feather and expect it to come crashing down! It won’t. Love restrains all magical effect. You cannot make someone love you, you can only make opportunities for love to come your way. The universe has strong rules about affecting someone else’s will - and it looks on it with spite that’s hurts those that break those rules.)

Viability is key. If you expect to win a million pounds - but you don’t enter a competition, that the universe can hardly be to blame it your wish doesn’t come to fruition! It has to be a viable aim. And it helps if you help the universe out wherever possible.

So will it work?
That is entirely up to you. I have produced magical results, and so have others that I am familiar with. Sometimes those results are only a shadow of their potential. Sometimes they exceed expectations. Sometimes they have produced results that were not foreseen in any way possible. The potential is always there; it is up to us to notice and grab it with both hands.

All I can suggest is: Find those opportunities and build on them.

TIP: Knowing what you want is half the battle: A well planed spell will produce positive results. An unplanned or rushed spell with produce haphazard results at best.

TIP: Visualising the result makes the spell work: If you are a visual person, hold the image in your mind whenever you can - especially before sleeping. If you aren’t very visual, find a photo, picture or drawing of something that represnts your spell’s results and pin it somewhere you’ll see it often - like on the fridge, or at the side of your bed.

TIP: Keep it positive: Your mind (so called good sense) will try to trick you into ‘knowing’ that there’s no such thing as magick. Don’t allow your mind to trick you this way. That doubt will kill any magick you have produced. Accepting that and believe magick works. It does! And it will work even stronger if you believe in it with your whole heart.

It’s up to you
Believe or don’t. Accept or decline. Magick either exists or people that purport to do magick are crazier than a Mad Hatter at a dormouse’s tea party. In the end, it’s on your shoulders. Only you know what you can or can’t believe/accept.

Blessed be... and happy magick



  1. I have never heard of the term "Magick" what is that in simple terms?

    Yesterday me and my husband ran into his best friend that is homeless and a drunk. He looked so bad I held back the tears.

    I wanted so desperately to help him but if I would have even hinted to my husband we would have been in a fight.

    I couldn't sleep so I prayed. I took my husband to the doctor as we were going home he said lets go see jack.

    My husband helped jack gather up some clothes to wash,let jack shower and now he is going to get a full belly and a good night sleep.

    When he leaves tomorrow I will slip him a $20.

    My point is God always works when you stop trying to take control.

    God did the job when I couldn't! Interesting Post

    1. Hi Tamron, the term 'magick' is used to distinguish it from street or stage magic. It was decided in the 1920, by the neopagans and wiccans that we would add a 'k' to the word magic to show the difference between the manipulation of the elements (air, fire, water, earth and spirit) and tricks performed for an audience.

      All magick really is is the concentration of will. It's basically like a prayer to the universe to intervene, to help. You may have done a version (without knowing) when you asked god to help your homeless Jack. He listened and acted on your emotional response.

      If you had read previous magick posts (parts 1 - 4), you would have read about the three-fold-law which basically advises against meddling in peoples will, as that is a universal no-no. What comes around goes around (but 3x stronger). It's our do it and you'll pay rule.

      I believe that sometimes it doesn't help to nudge things along a little and sometimes you need to back off and leave things well alone. So I get your point.

      I'm glad you found the material interesting, though.

      Thanks for your positive feedback.

  2. Very interesting, I like it...
    Nice blog, CyberPunk... Keep it up..

    1. Hiya, thanks for the good vibe.

      Blessed be.


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