Thursday, 30 August 2012

Early Winter

.: heavy rain during bank holiday weekend :.

Early Winter?

With the onset of cold, wet weather hitting Britain it feels a bit like an early winter.

This feeling wasn't helped last night by the Paralympic 2012 opening ceremony with a display using umbrellas (for the not so spectacular display).

.: Artists perform with umbrellas suspended from
wires above the stadium floor :.
Inspired by uncertain British weather, umbrellas were also a big theme in the ceremony, which was described as "both spectacular and deeply human" by organisers.
  - BBC News - Paralympic Games 'return home' to UK

Rain, Rain go away
For the past two days in Sheffield there have been rivers running down centre of the streets. Near my home its been a sheet of water.
Wednesday sees the weather switch to back a cyclonic, showery picture with gusty winds driving in some showers, turning heavier and more persistent in the north.
  - BBC Weather United Kingdom - Monthly Outlook - Monday 27 Aug - Sunday 2 Sep

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  1. Much rain in Sweden too this summer... and still - at the moment whwere I am in Umeå it is raining. Wish you a nice weekend!

  2. Thanks Anna, it was dry all yesterday (Sat 1 Sep) & as I head out to worm this Sunday morning it looks like another fine day on the horizon.

    Thanks for sharing your thorts.
    Blessed be

  3. England wouldn't be England if we didn't have the rain continuously raining on our parade. The umbrella is our national icon.

    As for an early winter, I must have missed summer.

    1. I do agree, Rum-Punch Drunk, there was, indeed, a time -not so long ago- when a British businessman wouldn't dare to be seen without his trusty bowler, umbrella or glass of sherry.

      Now we're a nation without coats, manners or iconic symbols (other than the Union Jack, and Beckem).

      I do seem to recall three days of summer in July (or was it June - anyway) I believe that was the standard British summer time lol.


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